Use the form below to sign up to be considered for Porchfest 2022

As a PorchFest Musician or Band, you agree to perform on the porch assigned to you on Sunday, September 18, 2022 at the assigned time between 1p.m and 5 p.m.

Musicians are responsible for contacting your porch host (who will be assigned to you) about the logistics of your performance, such as the amount of space needed, electricity needs, etc. We ask that you make contact with your porch host within 48 hours of your assignment, to ensure that your performance will work on the assigned porch. If there are any problems or concerns with your porch location, please contact the PorchFest organizers immediately.

You agree to play at a sound level respectful to the neighborhood in which you perform. Acoustic sound levels preferred.

As this festival is neighborhood-based and held during the day, musicians are expected to keep their repertoire family-friendly. Explicit lyrics and overly loud amplification should be avoided.

Unfortunately, our event has no budget for paying musicians, so you agree to perform gratis, at no charge, out of community spirit and a desire to see something great happen in the College Hill neighborhood.

You may sell or distribute your recordings and merchandise. Bring your own display table if you plan to do so.

You may NOT collect donations for your band. College Hill PorchFest plans to have donation buckets to defray event expenses and to help make this an annual event.

Before or after your show, we encourage you to walk around the neighborhood and support other musicians.

In order to reduce traffic congestion, please carpool as much as possible to this event. We anticipate providing a designated lot where musicians can leave their vehicles after unloading at their porch stage.

If you are going electric, please provide your own extension cords, P.A. and anything else you will need to amplify. Bring your own chair if you will be sitting for your performance.

Your performance should run 40 to 50 minutes. Please arrive at least 30 minutes BEFORE start time to allow for setup.

Since multiple groups will be performing around College Hill simultaneously, the crowd at any one location can be expected to change over the course of an hour. Musicians are expected to perform for their full time allotment, regardless of the size of the crowd when the set is scheduled to start.

You agree to participate rain or shine.  The rain date will be utilized only in the most of dire weather on the original date.

As the best way to publicize any event is by word-of-mouth, we encourage you to spread the word about College Hill PorchFest. Tell your friends and fans, and suggest that they visit and “like” the event’s Facebook Page found at   to learn more, and to follow the event on Instagram , Twitter and this web site,, as well.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the College Hill PorchFest organizing committee at

We look forward to your participation!