Summer is almost here, and it’s time to get serious about planning the Fourth College Hill PorchFest!
We can’t thank you enough for your interest in hosting musicians on your porch on Sunday, September 18th, 2022 from 1-5 pm . This event is being sponsored by The Village on College Hill and Lafayette College.  If you’re interested in volunteering your porch as a venue, fill out the form below (we can’t guarantee your porch will be selected, as we need to be sure there will be room for the audience, and that the porches are spaced out for optimum sound)
Here are a few other details on what you can expect that day:
-A few days before the event, we will provide you with a sign for your lawn, marking for the public that you are participating as a host porch for the event. Please post in a visible location.
-We will also provide you with a donation bucket to be placed on your porch. (Musicians are welcome to sell their CDs or merchandise on site but that responsibility belongs to them. They are not permitted to accept cash donations for their own benefit.)  If the audience would like to make donations to the bucket, these dollars will be used as seed money for next year’s event.
-Each porch will host two different performances, at either 1 and 3 pm OR at 2 and 4 pm. Each performance will last approximately 45 minutes.
-You are not responsible for providing seating or restroom facilities for the guests.  Restrooms are available at the College Hill Presbyterian Church and the Lafayette Inn
-Portable garbage receptacles will be placed prominently and strategically around College Hill. If one is near your home, please take the bag to your curb after the event as the following day is our designated garbage pick up day.
Again, many thanks for your enthusiasm and sense of adventure as you join us in being part of the second annual College Hill PorchFest! It’s going to be a wonderful day!